About me


Nikolina Šimunović was born on September 9th, 1978 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She graduated from Luka Sorkočević Art School of Dubrovnik (secondary education) in 1997 majoring in fine art and design.

She went on to study art at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb where she graduated in the class of 2003.
She has been a member of the Croatian Association of Artists since 2004.

In addition to painting, she has also been using a number of other art forms, techniques, and media, applying them in illustrations, interior design and constructing various objects (such as sculptures, furniture, lighting fixtures etc.). In collaboration with painter Ana Barbić Katičić, she has founded an art studio called Niana dedicated to interior design. They design and redesign furniture and other home decor furniture.

Since 2005, she has been working as an art teacher in Grof Janko Drašković elementary school in Zagreb. In 2006, she started working as an expert associate at Sirius, center for psychological counseling, educational training and research.

For a time, she worked as a workshop leader (teacher) giving lessons in Fine Arts practices at the faculty of teacher education University of Zagreb. In addition, she also worked as a workshop leader/teacher at PUO Zagreb- Open University in sculpture workshops.

Her works can be found in private collections all over the world, as well as in various museums in Croatia.


2021 Zagreb, Gallery Forum, Lapis lazuli (CRO)
2021 Dubrovnik, Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Lapis lazuli (CRO)
2021 Lovran, Gallery Laurus, Lapis lazuli (CRO)
2019 Dubrovnik , House of Marin Držić, Love conversation (CRO)
2017 Zagreb, “Josip Račić” Studio of the Modern Gallery ,One summer in the city (CRO)
2017 Dubrovnik, Sponza Palace Atrium,68. Dubrovnik summer festival, One summer in the city (CRO)
2016 Varaždin, Varaždin Gallery, Centre, Hommage a Franz Liszt (CRO)
2014 Sisak, City Library, Sails (CRO)
2014 Šipan, Šipan Hotel, Sails (CRO)
2012 Rijeka, Bruketa Gallery,Island (CRO)
2012 Novalja, Era Gallery, Island (CRO)
2012 Mljet-Goveđari, Stara Skula Gallery (CRO)
2012 Dubrovnik, Rixos Hotel, Young Painters of Dubrovnik (CRO)
2011 Dubrovnik, Sponza Palace Atrium,62.Dubrovnik summer festival, Hommage a Franz Liszt (CRO)
2011 Milna, Brešan Gallery, 9.transart, Throught the pines (CRO)
2011 Blato, Brešan Gallery, 9.trans art,Trought to pines
2011 Split, University Gallery Vasko Lipovac,9 transart, Trought to pines (CRO)
2010 Zagreb, French Institute Mediatheque (Ana Barbić Katičić),Reflections (CRO)
2008 Dubrovnik, Talir Gallery, Throught to pines (CRO)
2007 Prague, Paleta Gallery,15/3 (CZE)
2007 Prague, Oliva Gallery (Ančić, Chaloupek), 15/3 (CZE)
2007 Orebić, Maritime Museum, City (CRO)
2007 Zagreb, Kristofor Stanković Gallery, 15/3 (CRO)
2006 Zagreb, Public Open University, Cekao Gallery, 15/3 (CRO)
2006 Dubrovnik, Talir Gallery,City (CRO)
2005, Dubrovnik, Klarisa Gallery,Self-portrait(CRO)
2003 Zagreb, Gallery of the Student Centre, Self-portrait (CRO)
2002 Hvar, Loggia of the Palace Hotel,Self-portrait (CRO)
1997 Zagreb, Slovenski dom, Portraits (CRO)


2021 Zagreb, Croatian Society of Fine Artist, Mestrović’s pavilion, 6TH Biennal of painting (CRO)
2021 Split, University Gallery “Vasko Lipovac”, Gallery Brešan, Female question or manustricpt (CRO)
2021 Zagreb, 2020 Zagreb,HDLU-u, Annual exhibition of HDL-u members (CRO)
2020 Split,University Gallery “Vasko Lipovac”, Gallery Bresan, (CRO)
2019 Kranj, Layerjeva hiša, 2 Festival of Contemporary Collage,KAOS (SLO)
2019 Zagreb, Mimara museum, 8 Croatian Triennale of Watercolors (CRO)
2019 Karlovac, City museum Karlovac, Gallery Vjekoslav Karas, 8 Triennale of Watercolors (CRO)
2019 Slavonski Brod,Art salon “Vladimir Becić”, 8 Triennale of Watercolors (CRO)
2018 Zagreb, School museum (CRO)
2016 Split, Old City Hall, Dubrovnik Colourists (CRO)
2016 Ohrid, Grigor Parlichev Cultural Centre (MKD)
2014 Split, Brešan Gallery, FlorArt (CRO)
2014 Dubrovnik, Marin Držić Teatre – Sebastian Gallery, Saint Blaise in Contemporary Art (CRO)
2011 Ferrara, Castello di Estense, Earth vortices (ITA)
2011 Florence, Temporary Museum of Contemporary Art, Art fairs international (ITA)
2011 New York, Broadway gallery, Art fairs international (SAD)
2011 San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, an exhibition by Dubrovnik painters (SAD)
2010 New York, Harvard Club (SAD)
2009 Dubrovnik, Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik moment in the fine Arts (CRO)
2008 Samobor, Watercolour on scaffolding (CRO)
2008 Zagreb, Museum Mimara, Passion Heritage (CRO)
2005 Gospić, 40th Exhibition of Lika Art Annale (CRO)
2004 Zagreb, Public Open University (CRO)
2004 Dubrovnik, Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik moment in the fine art (CRO)
2003 Volosko, International Art Colony (CRO)
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2001 Zagreb,Gallery of Student Centre, Annual Student Exhibition (Academy of Fine Arts) (CRO)
2001 Zagreb,Mimara Studio, My Impression of Suffering, (CRO)
2001 Split, Galic Salon, Academy of Visual Arts Students’ Exhibition (CRO)

1999 Rector’s Award